Problem with a used car

This advice applies to Scotland. See advice for See advice for England, See advice for Northern Ireland, See advice for Wales

If there’s something wrong with your used car, you might have a legal right to a repair, the cost of a repair, or some or all of your money back. This includes if it’s damaged, doesn’t work, or doesn’t match the advert or description you were given.

You won’t be entitled to anything if:

  • you were told about the fault when you bought the car and someone fully explained what the problem meant

  • you inspected the car and should’ve spotted the problem - for example a dent

  • you caused the fault

  • the fault is normal for how much the car has been used (known as ‘fair wear and tear’) - for example if the brake pads need replacing after being used for a long time

Your consumer rights are different if you’ve changed your mind about the car and there’s nothing wrong with it. Check what to do if you’ve changed your mind about something you’ve bought.

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