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Legal system

Dealing with legal problems can be difficult and confusing.

Here we explain things like getting free or affordable legal advice and taking your case to court without a lawyer.

Finding free or affordable legal help

Find out how to get legal help if you're on a low income, including advice from a law centre or legal aid solicitor, and trial or tribunal representation by a pro bono barrister.

Rape and sexual assault

Information on rape and sexual assault, including definitions, sources of specialist help and further information.

Going to court without a solicitor or barrister

If you’re going to a tribunal or court without a lawyer, find out where to get help to represent yourself and what a McKenzie Friend, the Support Through Court or an interpreter can do.

Going to court as a witness

Get advice on giving evidence in court as a witness or a victim including where to get help and support.

If you have a court hearing by phone or video call

Check how to prepare if a court or tribunal offers you a remote hearing.

Appealing a Post Office conviction

Check how to appeal a Post Office conviction related to the 'Horizon scandal'.

A business takes legal action against you to recover losses for theft

What to do if you are accused of shoplifting, theft or negligence at work where the business is trying to recover compensation for alleged losses.