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Moving and improving your home

Buying or selling a home is a long and complicated process and it is important to know how to make the right choices.

These pages have information and advice to help you move home and help solve any possible problems you might have to deal with. You can also find out how to apply for loans and grants for certain types of home improvements and facilities for disabled people.

Buying a home

Information on buying a house including information on making an offer, buying with other people, mortgages and the right to buy.

Mortgage calculator

Tool from MoneyHelper to help you work out the mortgage you will need to buy your home, and how much payments would increase if interest rates rise.

Selling a home

Information on the process of selling a house including estate agents, the use of solicitors, exchange of contract and completion.

Problems with buying and selling a home

Document covers problems with buying or selling a house and includes problems with solicitors and estate agents and problems getting a mortgage.

Problems with selling your home - delayed completion and lease options contracts

Information about 'exchange with delayed completion' and 'lease options' contracts, covering what they are, the risks involved and other options that may be available to people trying to sell their home.

Help with home improvements

Information on grants and loans to help with repairs and improvements to the home including disabled facilities grants.